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Automatic Garment Sorter for Alsco in Montreal

The Challenge

Alsco is a leader in the uniform rental & servicing industry. This client needed to improve their sorting speed, method, and ease of use. This called for a change in design that would increase the throughput rate while reducing the required number of operators.

The Solution

The solution was Planiform’s latest overhead A2B RFID sorting system which uses a patented clip conveyor design to isolate garments before they enter our RFID tunnel. Combining this clip technology with RFID tunnels greatly reduces required labor while accelerating the sorting process. The simplicity and low maintenance of this new system are just two additional reasons why this was the perfect solution for this client.

The Benefits

  • Very little maintenance
  • Maximum throughput rate
  • Minimum required labor
  • Minimal effort using ergonomic design
  • Minimal complexity of components