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9 Reasons to visit Planiform Conveyors at Booth 1131 at the 2019 Clean Show in New Orleans

Planiform is proud to announce that we will be presenting at the Clean Show this year. Below are 9 reasons you should visit us at booth 1131:

  1. Return on Investment:

We will be exhibiting Planiform’s latest generation of Automatic Garment Sorters. These systems have a low price point all while drastically reducing the man-hours required to do your sort.

  1. Flexibility:

Planiform’s Automatic Garment Sorter is compatible with both RFID’s and barcodes allowing companies with high throughput to reduce their labor costs and increase their efficiency. Thanks to its modular components, the layout can easily be adjusted to fit your space. This system can sort an unlimited number of garments per batch given that sufficient floor space is available.

  1. See it to Believe it:

It’s easy to say that something will provide a rapid ROI but proving it is another story. Come by booth 1131 to see a prime example of our Automatic Garment Sorter that will be running throughout the show.

We will also have a fully functional example of our RFID portal and bundle reader, demonstrating how you can track your garments in your facility from start to finish.

  1. Special Offer available only at the Clean Show 2019:

From June 20th to June 23rd, Planiform will be offering a limited-time offer with reduced rates for qualifying projects to those who visit us at our booth. Our team will be more than happy to walk you through the sorting process and help you to determine your exact needs. Don’t forget to mention that you saw this post to learn more about our special offer.

  1. Dreams come True:

Okay, this may not be everyone’s dream, but having spoken to numerous heads of maintenance, our latest generation saves a lot more than just headaches. Come see the latest version that has allowed us to reduce cost and maintenance required thanks to the simplified mechanical components. Our professional engineers have worked many long nights to deliver a system whose components are easily manufactured and replaced.

  1. More to Offer:

The Automatic Garment Sorter is just one of many products Planiform has to offer. Don’t be shy to ask about any of the following:

  • Garment Conveyors
  • V-Rail – Garment Monorail Systems
  • Garment Open Rail Systems
  • Soiled laundry sorting tables
  • And many more!

  1. Smiles for Miles:

Do you have questions about our products? Are you having a bad day? Are you simply lost and looking for the exit?

Come by our booth for some help and a guaranteed smile. We will be happy to discuss your upcoming projects. Planiform has been providing custom projects with excellent service for over 50 years.

  1. Unique Requests:

Custom projects are our bread and butter. That is why we have a team of engineers who will work tirelessly to find the ideal solution for you. We understand that your production process may vary from your neighbor’s and we pride ourselves in being able to accommodate practically any scenario. Contact us with a drawing of your facility and we will be happy to discuss our proposed solutions.

  1. What happens when “Martha” is sick?

Is your current sort only truly known to one or a select few star employees? When that employee is sick, does the rest of your business struggle? Then look at our Automatic Garment Sorter at our booth, as it greatly eliminates human decisions and errors from the process, allowing poor “Martha” to fall sick without everything falling apart.

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