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Two New Projects Completed for Unifirst

Planiform is pleased to announce two new V-Rail monorail projects completed for Unifirst. Unifirst has been a loyal client for decades and has once again chosen Planiform to supply them with V-Rail storage systems. These systems allow for highly efficient storage of garments on hanger in a nearly no-maintenance system.

At the first location, over one thousand additional linear feet of overhead storage were created using a small catwalk for access, and a motorized trolley conveyor to safely lift and descend to and from upstairs. The system is installed on a self-standing structure manufactured by Planiform.

At the second location, ground floor storage was created as well as an easy way to load delivery trucks directly from the system. Planiform’s telescopic extension allows for transfers to V-Rail lines installed inside of our client’s truck, rendering the loading process nearly effortless.

As always, the client is pleased with the results and looking forward to years of problem-free usage.