Distribution centers need to be organized and efficient. We will help you achieve maximum efficiency and increase your storage capacity. Instead of looking only at your square feet available, our solutions can make optimal use of your available cubic feet.

Ideal for distribution centers, warehouses, 3PL – third party logistics, e-commerce fulfillment, garment rental and more.

Simply dial our number and we will find the best solution for your distribution need!

Garment Pick Module

Planiform’s Garment Pick Module is an efficient, organized and extremely durable system to automatically store and retrieve massive amounts of garments on hanger, accessories, or other items.

V-Rail - Garment Monorail Systems

Highly beneficial for large manufacturing and distribution centers with garments on hangers

Garment Conveyors

Long-lasting, secure and reliable garment conveyors available for dry cleaners, hotels, coat check, etc.

Garment Open Rail and Static Racking

Well known and used for decades, garment open rail systems allow you to store and move your garments in an effortless way.

A2B Clip Conveyors

Our extraordinary Clip Conveyor is used to transport from A to B or accumulate garments.