In order to be competitive today, there is no other way but to automate your processes. The very basics of sorting is to identify your products with barcodes or RIFD tags, have them read by a computer that will make the sorting decisions and finally have the conveyor send the products to the proper destinations.

That’s what we are experts at! No matter what you have to sort, just give us a call and we’ll take care of it!

Garment Pick Module

Planiform’s Garment Pick Module is an efficient, organized and extremely durable system to automatically store and retrieve massive amounts of garments on hanger, accessories, or other items.

Automatic Garment Sorter

The Automatic Garment Sorter is an automated and sophisticated system used to sort garments on hangers. It is the most affordable and simplest garment sorter in the market.

Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyors

Perfect for industrial or decorative purposes our Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyor will be engineered to fit your companies needs.

B2K Uniform System

B2K Uniform System is the garment dispenser and uniform tracking system to automatically store, distribute and convey garments as work uniforms, scrubs, white coats and overalls.

Graduated Hook Garment Sorter

The graduated hook garment sorter is known as the most inexpensive way to sort garments on hangers. This system will be designed to fit your business’s size and capacity. It could be implemented in complex systems with multiple sorting processes.