Sorting Conveyor Systems help you sort and move garments more efficiently.

Manual sorting can be tiresome and may lead to decision-making errors that hinder your productivity. Sorting is a critical aspect of material-handling equipment and using an automated conveyor sorting system can make you competitive in your industry. The automated process leads to a more streamlined workflow. If you run a large retail organization, a high-volume industrial or institutional laundry or a busy dry cleaner, you’ll want to ensure speed and accuracy when it comes to sorting garments and fulfilling customer orders. A sorting conveyor will help you get the job done properly.

A conveyor sortation system identifies each item and directs it accordingly.

Planiform offers a range of automated Sorting Conveyor Systems to meet the specific sorting needs of your business.

Check out our various models to see which sorting solution works for your business.

Automatic Garment Sorter

The Automatic Garment Sorter is an automated and sophisticated system used to sort garments on hangers. It is the most affordable and simplest garment sorter in the market.

Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyors

Perfect for industrial or decorative purposes our Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyor will be engineered to fit your companies needs.

B2K Uniform System

B2K Uniform System is the garment dispenser and uniform tracking system to automatically store, distribute and convey garments as work uniforms, scrubs, white coats and overalls.

Graduated Hook Garment Sorter

The graduated hook garment sorter is known as the most inexpensive way to sort garments on hangers. This system will be designed to fit your business’s size and capacity. It could be implemented in complex systems with multiple sorting processes.