Overhead conveyors let you process garments on hangers quickly and efficiently.

If you need to accumulate and transport high volumes of garments, you’ll want an overhead conveyor to help ensure a consistent workflow at your facility. Whether you manage an e-commerce business, a formalwear or uniform rental service, a laundry or a textile manufacturer; you’ll want your operations to run smoothly, without any obstacles that could affect your overall productivity. Planiform A2B Clip and Pin Conveyors enhance your entire garment handling process by automatically sorting garments on hangers and moving them along the processing line quickly and efficiently.


GOH: Then vs. Now

Garments on hangers (GOH) is undergoing a revolution. Explore the benefits of replacing manual warehouse processes with automated solutions.
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Overhead conveyor systems let you accumulate and transport garments quickly.

Our automated system helps you optimize the processing of garments on hangers (GOH) so that your workflow runs smoothly, and your orders can be filled accurately and efficiently. The easy-to-use induction method accumulates items on the A2B clip conveyor. Bundles of garments can be pushed effortlessly into the induction zone and the conveyor clip grabs one hanger at a time.


Variety of horizontal and vertical curves (inclines and declines available)

Custom layout, modular design

Planiform overhead conveyors offer a wide range of benefits for your business.


Maximized floor space with overhead conveyors

Increased productivity (volume, speed)

Easy to use and maintain

Fewer operators required

Reduced effort for garment handling

Inexpensive components

Planiform conveyor systems can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Planiform overhead conveyors let you store and manage high volumes of garments while maximizing your available space and ensuring top quality service for your customers. Garments on hangers (GOH) can be accumulated and transported efficiently with this easy-to-use solution that automatically grabs one hanger at a time and quickly moves it through the process. You’ll gain control over your operations and benefit from an improved workflow. The innovative system automatically reduces the risk of human error and requires very little effort to manage. Used in a variety of industries, overhead conveyors are a practical solution for the effective management of large volumes of garments.

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