A2B Clip Conveyors

The A2B Clip Conveyor is capable of transporting and accumulating garments on hangers (GOH). It is a simple design and easy to install as well as maintain.

Once our engineering team designs the right system for your needs, our specialized installation crew will have the system installed and running perfectly! The A2B clip conveyor is the right solution for your garment management needs.


Transport and accumulate garments on hangers

Save floor space when installed overhead

Increased productivity (volume, speed)

Fewer operators

Reduced effort


The A2B Clip Conveyor is used in several industries such as retail, E-commerce, formal wear, uniform rental, laundries and textile. Manual labour will be replaced by an easier and faster way of transporting or accumulating garments on hangers(GOH) to different areas of the plant.


  • Low maintenance
  • Variety of horizontal and vertical curves (inclines and declines available)
  • Custom layout

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