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The Automatic Garment Sorter is an automated and sophisticated system used to sort garments on hangers (GOH). It is the most affordable and simplest garment sorter in the market. Unlike other automated sorting systems, Planiform’s Automatic Garment Sorter does not require expert knowledge to maintain, therefore it does not require any maintenance contract. This new technology can be implemented in large, medium and small sized companies operating in markets such as industrial laundries, uniform rental companies, formalwear distributors (tuxedo), warehouses, e-commerce distributors and garment manufacturers. These companies are integrating this new sorter and increasing their productivity level. With multiple installations worldwide, our customers are providing a better and faster service to their clientele.

The sorter will read either the barcodes or the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag sewed or heat sealed to each garment and will direct each garment to its respective line following Planiform’s proprietary mathematical algorithm. Multiple sort passes can be performed and will achieve full sorts. It can also accommodate an unlimited number of sorting criteria.

No matter what database system you are using, our software engineers will adapt our system to comply with any database we may encounter.

If you are using the RFID tags in your process, the system can be paired with an RFID Soil Scan to read all of your items as soon as they come into your plant. This applies to different industries such as tuxedo rental, apparel rental, industrial laundries, etc. Once your sorting process is complete, we can add a bundle verifier to confirm that the orders are complete for client. This feature can be used for a more accurate invoicing to your clients.

Planiform will provide a turn-key project. A professional engineer will study your plant, and then the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning will follow. All this will result in a successful turn-key project and a fully satisfied customer.


Low maintenance

No longer rely on manual sorting by employees that know the sorting criteria by heart

Reduces sorting labor costs providing fast return on investment (ROI)

Eliminate human errors



The Automatic Garment Sorter has been designed to reach an outstanding mechanical performance with an unmatched efficiency and precision. Its simple design can be implemented in small to large companies. Its ability to read barcodes or RFID tags makes it easier to keep track of the garments and obtain important information that the database would gather. Perfect for industrial laundries, uniform rental companies, formalwear distributors, warehouses, e-commerce distributors and garment manufacturers.


  • Our engineers are specialized in incorporating the Automatic Garment Sorter into your existing processes
  • Our software engineers will easily adapt our system to your current database
  • Ceiling suspended or floor mounted
  • Can sort down to the item
  • Unlimited number of sorting criteria
  • Unlimited batch size
  • Automated or semi-automated
  • System is compatible with barcodes or any Ultra High Frequency RFID tag brand

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