Automatic Garment Sorter


U.S. Patent 10,507,980

Industrial laundries

The Automatic Garment Sorter helps you provide fast and efficient customer service.

A hanging garment sorter lets you process orders with efficiency and precision.

The Planiform Automatic Garment Sorter is a fully automated system that allows you to provide a better experience for your customers. The sophisticated sorting solution automatically reads the barcode or RFID tag on each item and directs it to the appropriate line according to Planiform’s proprietary mathematical algorithm. The Planiform system can accommodate an unlimited number of sorting criteria, so you’ll be able to store, sequence and ship items with unprecedented speed and accuracy. All garments are tracked, and detailed information is retained throughout the process. Our system is compatible with any database and Planiform engineers can integrate the Automatic Garment Sorter into your existing processes. No expert knowledge is required to manage the garment sorter and only one operator is needed to oversee the workflow. The Automatic Garment Sorter is a reliable and cost-effective solution for all of your garment storage and sorting needs.


Accurate and precise sorting capabilities

Unlimited number of sorting criteria

Unlimited batch size

Automated or semi-automated options

Compatible with barcodes or any Ultra High Frequency RFID tag

Ceiling-suspended or floor-mounted

The Planiform Garment Sorter offers a wide range of benefits for your business.


Low maintenance system

Does not rely on employee’s knowledge of sorting criteria

Reduces sorting labor costs and provides clear return on investment (ROI)

Eliminates the risk of human errors

Ergonomic design

Garments remain in pristine, display-ready condition


We know it’s important for you to understand what the Planiform Automatic Garment Sorter can do for you. That’s why we welcome your questions regarding the system’s design, features, benefits and potential return on investment when integrated into your workflow. At Planiform, we take the time to fully understand our clients’ operations, and then we develop innovative solutions that respond to their unique needs in the most cost-effective ways possible. Check out the FAQs listed here to learn more, and feel free to contact us if you still have any unanswered questions or concerns. Planiform garment sorting systems are highly sophisticated, yet simple – a winning combination for your business!

I want to calculate my ROI, how many operators will I need with your system?

Only 1 per sorter.

Your system is semi-automated, why shouldn’t I go with a fully automated system?

The answer is simple - ROI. The labor savings won’t justify the additional costs of a fully automated system. Regardless of the automation level, you’ll still need an operator. Fully automated systems also incur additional maintenance fees.

About my ROI, what is your service contract going to cost me?

The service contract will cost you nothing for the first year. During the 1-year warranty period, we offer free technical support over the phone, but we won’t need to go on site. Our system is so simple to use, your team will be able to achieve the easy & quick routine maintenance required. Typically, our clients use about 4-5 hours of technical support by phone each year. The support is only chargeable after the first year of the service. Feel free to ask us about our hour bank options. We recommend signing a service contract after the 1-year warranty; this service contract will give you a bank of 6 hours per year and a yearly on-site maintenance of 2-3 days with one of our specialized technicians (approximate value of $7,500). With a regular check-up, your sorter will always be working at its best.

We are going through a labor shortage at the moment, do my operators need to be trained to use your system?

Yes, but the training only takes about 15 minutes. The system is very easy to use - if you can flip a burger, you can operate our system! Your operators will not need any expert knowledge to manage this system.

Planiform Garment Sorters can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

At Planiform, we make it a priority to find cost-effective solutions for your garment sorting needs. Whatever the size of your operations, we can provide customized solutions that will make it easier than ever for you to sort, sequence and ship garments. Our Automatic Garment Sorter helps you maximize your space, retrieve hanging garments and ship them in display-ready condition. Our engineers integrate the system seamlessly into your existing processes, so your operations continue to run smoothly the entire time. You’ll be able to track garments and verify orders for more accurate invoicing and an improved experience for your customers. You care about the success of your business, and so do we.

Find the right Planiform garment sorting solution for your operations. Request a quote today!