B2K Folder

B2K Folder is an automatic dispenser of folded garments, scrubs, work wears, kits, towels and other small items.

Thanks to its structure, it allows a big capacity in a reduced space, so it can even be placed in corridors.

It’s ideal for hospital wards, emergency rooms, but also for individual protection devices in industries or bathrobes/towels in spas and hotels.

Each garment is identified with a barcode or a chip (single-read LF chip, multi-read HF chip, multi-read UHF chip); after the identification, the garment can be loaded in the open folder that the system places in front of the operator. The user identifies himself with his badge, the system shows the garments available (on a touch screen) and the user confirms and collects the garments.

The soiled garment deposit bins read and collect the soiled garments, without requiring the users identification. The system identifies the garment dropped into it and keeps track of it, so the user’s credit (the maximum number of garments which he/she’s entitled) is always updated.

The B2K Folder software can manage garments both as customized garments and by size.

B2K Folder is modular, each module (140 cm in depth x 80 cm in width x 235 cm in height) has 90 folders and it’s motorized, independent and has a capacity of 360 garments in kits. It can be increased anytime, according to the customer requirements in the course of time.


Garment conveyors are used in hospitals, industries, large hotels, spas and other establishments.


  • Optimize the use of space and eliminate mistakes and losses of garments;
  • Cut the service costs (having a more efficient use of the staff, facing the rapid changes due to fixed-term contracts and temporary work);
  • Observe the health rules (controlling how often uniforms are changed);
  • Ensure service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Speed the delivery with multiple modules.

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