B2K UHF Cabinet

Uniform and scrub dispenser

B2K UHF Cabinet is a garment dispenser for hospitals and clinics. It has a capacity of up to 450 garments with reduced dimensions (132 cm in width x 48 cm in depth x 196 cm height), so it can be placed even in corridors.

All the garments are identified with RFID UHF devices and they are placed in drawers (60 cm x 40 cm, with a variable height from 5 to 20 cm), almost totally extractible.

It has a led light that indicates the opening and the closing of the doors, and an optional touch screen monitor. It’s also provided with an acoustic alarm, for the case of incorrect closure.

After user’s identification, the system shows his/her allowance and unlocks the doors. The user collects the garments and close the doors, then the system updates the inventory, reading all the UHF tags of the garments. So the missing garments are assigned to the last identified user.

For restocking, the operator’s identification unlocks the doors, so he can fill the drawers. Once this operation is ended, the operator closes the doors and the system updates the inventory, reading all the UHF tags of the garments.

The soiled garments drop-off bins can be placed some distance away. The system reads the code of the garment dropped-off and updates the user’s credit.


Garment conveyors are used in hospitals and clinics.


  • Optimize the use of space;
  • Cut the service costs (having a more efficient use of the staff, facing the rapid changes due to fixed-term contracts and temporary work);
  • Observe the health rules (controlling how often uniforms are changed);
  • Extend the cloakroom service to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Plan the restocking according to the missing garments;
  • Track every access (in and out).

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