Garment Pick Module

Planiform’s Garment Pick Module is an efficient, organized and extremely durable system to automatically store and retrieve massive amounts of garments on hanger, accessories, or other items. This solution is ideal for distribution centers, e-comm or warehouses.

It is an automated solution for keeping track of your inventory in real time and for quick item access. Garments are stored on carrousels using barcodes or RFID tags and can be accessed with your computer system, which our engineers will link the conveyors to. Use it to store up to millions of garments on hanger, accessories, or other items.

The conveyors are optimized to provide the fastest retrieval time possible so your operators are never waiting around. Tower lights are included to indicate the conveyors to be accessed by your operator for a more effective picking and put away.

Storage can be done on multiple tiers, such as double deck or triple deck, to allow you to store more of your shorter items or accessories.

For an optimized use of all available storage volume, the system can be installed on multiple levels using a catwalk that will comply with your local seismic requirements.

Various safety features are available to suit your needs such as emergency pull cords or e-stop buttons.

Instead of looking only at your square feet available, our solutions can make optimal use of your available cubic feet. the layout of the system can take advantage of the available space in your facility.

Planiform will provide a turn-key project. A professional engineer will study your plant, and then the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning will follow. All this will result in a successful turn-key project and a fully satisfied customer.


Fast storage and retrieval of garments

Increased storage capacity for a given space

Multi-level configuration allows to free up valuable floor space using free-standing catwalk

Very low maintenance

Planiform provides full CSA or UL approved control panels.


Garment Pick Modules are used in distribution centers, e-commerce, warehouses. They can be used in the fashion and retail industry, as well as for garment manufacturers.

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