Garment Pick Module

The Planiform Garment Pick Module helps you maximize your storage and speed up retrieval

From busy distribution centers, e-commerce businesses and garment manufacturers to high-volume fashion retail stores and warehouses, everyone wants to reduce labor costs and increase productivity. With Planiform’s Pick Module, operators don’t have to waste time sorting through endless racks of garments to fulfill customer orders. The Planiform system is automated and can be used to store up to millions of garments on hangers (GOH), which means you’ll make better use of available space. With a simple and accurate retrieval process, your business will be more productive than ever.

Our garment picking systems let you store and retrieve garments more efficiently.

The Planiform Pick Module is an organized and durable solution for your automated garment storing needs. Our sophisticated conveyors are linked to a computer system that reads the barcode or RFID tag on each garment. Tower lights indicate which conveyor should be accessed to retrieve a garment. The robust system can also be installed on multiple levels with a catwalk that complies with the specific seismic requirements of your business. Your operators will find it easier than ever to locate and retrieve garments, which means your overall productivity will sky-rocket while operational costs will be kept to a minimum. The Garment Pick Module is your solution for more efficient garment storage.

The Planiform Pick Module offers a wide range of benefits for your business.


Fast storage and retrieval of garments

Improved inventory & order picking accuracy

Increased storage capacity

Optimal use of available space

Multi-level configuration with a free-standing catwalk for maximized use of space

Very low maintenance system

Full CSA or UL approved control panels

Improved ergonomics and security

The Planiform Pick Module can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

With the Planiform Pick Module, you can store high volumes of hanging garments efficiently, while reducing your labor costs. The automated system allows for fast and accurate retrieval. You can make better use of your space by customizing the garment picking system to suit your location. Conveyors can be produced in double deck or triple deck formats and can be installed on multiple levels with smaller items up top for optimal storage. Garments are stored on hangers or in bags for accessories and placed on carousels. The advanced computer system identifies each garment and signals which conveyor should be accessed for retrieval. You’ll be able to store millions of garments without overcrowding.

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