Garment Railing Systems for Delivery Trucks and Trailers

Garment railing systems installed in delivery trucks are used to transport garment batches from one facility to another. The hanging rails can be either be open rail or V-rail tracks. Regardless of the rail track you use, the loading and unloading process is made easy and quick. Using this system ensures that your garments arrive in perfect condition.

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Prevents damage or creasing

Easy transportation of garments on hangers (GOH)

Dry, clean and safe way to transport garments in bulks

Rapid Load/Unload


Garment railing systems for trucks are ideal for transporting garments to dry cleaners, laundries, retail stores, warehouses, hotels,etc. This system is adaptable to different types of trucks/vans.


  • Standard tubing available
  • V-rail tracks available
  • Optional removable track segment (extendable boom) used to create a bridge between the truck and the facility
  • Compatible with Trolleys

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