Graduated Hook Garment Sorter

The graduated hook garment sorter is known as the most inexpensive way to sort garments on hangers. This system will be designed to fit your business’s size and capacity. It could be implemented in complex systems with multiple sorting processes.

The graduated hook garment sorter is composed of a distribution conveyor where an operator places a hanger on a selected hook. The conveyor then distributes each garment onto its respective rail. The sorting process can go through a second and third sort conveyor if needed.

The graduated hook garment sorter can be upgraded to a computer assisted sorter linked to your database. This upgrade provides a certain level of automation and reduces human errors.

Planiform will provide a turn-key project. Our engineers will design a system accordingly, respecting the customers limitations and desires. The fabrication, installation and comissioning will follow after the design is approved by the customer. This will result in a successful turn-key project and a fully satisfied customer.


Reduces labour costs

Increases production

Reduces sorting errors

Reduces sorting labour costs providing fast return on investment (ROI)


The graduated hook garment sorter is designed to sort garments on hangers. This system can be used in dry cleaning, garment distribution centers, garment manufacturers, industrial laundries and uniform rental facilities.


  • Sorts per route, client, employee, etc.
  • Our engineers are specialized in incorporating a graduated hook garment sorter into your existing processes
  • Celing suspended or floor mounted
  • Several loading stations
  • Can be upgraded to a computer assisted sorter that can be linked to your database

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Graduated Hook Garment Sorter

ADistribution Conveyor (1st Sorting Process)

The employee hangs each garment onto the distribution conveyor. Each small hook may represent a route, a client, etc. The conveyor raises the garments up to the ceiling to distribute them adequately onto their respective power storage rail (PSR).

BPower storage rail (PSR)

A great number of garments may be hung onto these conveyors at the ceiling level, thus freeing the floor space underneath the garments for other operations. The PSRs are motorized and controlled by a computer that efficiently compresses garments to maximize the storage capacity.

CRemoval Conveyor

When a PSR must be emptied, the removal conveyor moves all the garments from this PSR toward an accumulation gravity line. Garments then slide toward a second employee, who begins the second sorting process.

DDistribution Conveyor (2nd Sorting Process)

As shown in A, the employee hangs the garments on a second distribution conveyor, which will adequately distribute garments onto their respective accumulation gravity lines.

EAccumulation Gravity Lines (3rd Sorting Process)

Once the garments have undergone the first two sorting processes, a third employee then begins a third sorting process, working directly on the accumulation gravity lines. This is often where garments are sorted by employee number.

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