Overhead enclosed track conveyors are used to transport products along a designated path. Mainly used in industrial applications, this robust and durable overhead chain conveyor will transport your products through any processes or workstations or will simply convey them from point A to B.  It can withstand harsh environments due to its hardened steel chain. This product is perfect for applications such as dip painting, production and assembly lines, paint shop lines, overhead storage and retrieval and much more.

Don’t underestimate the possible shapes this monorail conveyor can have. Our 3D modeling software will help our engineers to design your conveyor no matter the complexity of the path. Custom paths are made possible by using our modular standard track components as well as a wide variety of vertical and horizontal curves. We are specialists at conveying flexibility in small spaces.

Planiform can provide a turn-key project. Initially, we will have a professional engineer listen to your ideas. Then the design will be presented to you for approval. Once approved, fabrication, installation and commissioning will follow. This will result in a fully integrated and ready to use system…not to mention a fully satisfied customer.

This conveyor can also be used for your decorative projects! For more information visit our Decorative Overhead Conveyor page.


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Garments on hangers (GOH) is undergoing a revolution. Explore the benefits of replacing manual warehouse processes with automated solutions.
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Floor or ceiling suspended

Many shapes and paths are possible

Variety of curves for custom projects

Long lasting

Extra strength

Custom hooks available, allowing to convey any product


The overhead enclosed track conveyor is used in two main areas, decorative and industrial.

Industrial applications:

  • Production lines
  • Assembly lines
  • Automated sorting systems
  • Paint shop lines
  • Automated dynamic storage, etc

Decorative applications:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Museums
  • Retail stores
  • Exhibitions
  • Grocery stores, etc

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