Material Handling Conveyors

Material Handling Conveyors are ideal to convey anywhere from lightweight to heavy weight boxes, packages, parcels, bags or any other products. Motorized and non-motorized conveyors are available and grouped in several categories such as roller, wheel or belt conveyors that come in a vast range of shapes and sizes.

Fully automated systems can be implemented if the application requires so. Initially, we will have a professional engineer listen to your idea. Then the design will be presented to you for approval. Once approved, the fabrication, installation and comissioning will follow. This will result in a fully integrated turn-key project…not to mention a fully satisfied customer.


Available in a variety of widths, adjustable heights and lengths.

Conveying from floor to floor

Excellent for mezzanines

Automation available

Can accommodate any material handling needs


Planiform's material handling conveyors are ideal for:

  • Shipping & receiving
  • Warehouses
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Distribution centers
  • Production lines
  • Assembly lines
  • Industrial laundries
  • Hospitals, etc.

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Gravity Wheel Conveyors

Gravity Wheel Conveyors are designed to convey flat bottom lightweight packages. These conveyors are lighter than gravity rollers and can be moved with greater ease.

Flexible Roller Conveyors

Planiform's Flexible Roller Conveyors are ideal for environments with ever-changing material handlings situations. Ideally suited for shipping and receiving, packaging and production departments.

Flexible Wheel Conveyors

Planiform's Flexible Wheel Conveyors are ideal for environments with ever-changing material handlings situations. Ideally suited for shipping and receiving, packaging and production.

Motorized Roller Conveyors

Motorized Roller Conveyors are used for moving and accumulation of products at a specified rate. Perfect for packing, picking or sorting operations where variable speeds ensure zero pressure between parcels.

Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors (Slider Bed) are ideal for the movement of a vast range of products at a regulated speed.

Chain Driven Live Roller

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors are ideal for moving heavy loads. Its heavy-duty construction is well suited for full pallet loads.

Flat Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

This type of conveyor is ideal for transporting hot, cold or oily parts. It can also be used for when drying or cooling is required. Its welded construction and roller bed design allows increased capacity with lower horsepower requirements.

Interfloor Conveyor

The interfloor conveyor efficiently and safely transports products between floors.

Chain Transfer Conveyor

Chain Transfer Conveyors are used to move products to an adjacent or parallel conveyor line.

Telescopic Boom Conveyor

The Telescopic Boom Conveyor can be retracted and extended quickly and easily at the loading and unloading dock. You gain direct access by extending the telescopic boom conveyor to the inside of the truck.

Ball Transfer Conveyors

Ball Transfer conveyors are used where products are required to manually rotate or move in any direction.

Pallet Rails

Pallet Rails are ideal for light to heavy pallet flow applications. Floor mounted rails are used to rotate stock or to simply move full pallets.

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