RFID Portal and Bundle Reader

These innovative solutions allow for precise RFID tracking of garments through your facility.

These products are perfect for apparel rental companies, industrial laundries, distribution centers, e-comm and more. Apparel rental companies will have an easy solution to tracking their items when they are returned from the customer. Industrial laundries will be able to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that an item entered their facility and was delivered back to the client. Distribution centers can ensure that each store has their allocation to allow for a smooth flow of operation. For returns it is also an excellent advantage as it will be effortless to know which items have been received.

Planiform’s RFID Portal allows for you to scan an entire bags or boxes of garments upon arrival to your facility, so you will know exactly which items came in. This Portal has a very small footprint, can be installed nearly anywhere in your plant and takes only seconds to scan a whole bundle of garments.

The bundle reader scans all of the garments on their way out of your facility and confirms that you have all of the items for a specific order – so you will know if something is missing. This greatly reduces the possibility that an item is lost and allows you to know if an item made it in in the first place, meaning that when someone down the line claims that items were lost within your facility – this solution will allow you to confirm it.

No matter what database system you are using, our software engineers will adapt our system to comply with any database we may encounter.


Zero maintenance

Eliminates human errors

Helps for fast and accurate invoicing

System is compatible with any Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tag brand

Easy tracking of garments in bulk within your facility

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