TCA Monorail System

A monorail system installed overhead, facilitates moving heavy bags or goods through your facility. Monorail systems are designed and fabricated to have maximum strength and durability. The principal components of a monorail system are: rails, trolleys, drives, switches, curves, etc. Booster and/or lifts can be implemented into your system design allowing an easy loading and unloading of the track.

Planiform’s team of engineers can design complex monorail systems that will support enormous loads, bags or any given product. The rails can be installed at a slope or leveled to facilitate the displacement of the bags or other products.

Initially, we will have a professional engineer listen to your ideas. Then the design will be presented to you for approval. Once approved, fabrication, installation and commissioning will follow. This will result in a fully integrated turn-key project…not to mention a fully satisfied customer.


Custom designed for your facility

Maximizes cubic space utilization.

Manual loading/manual discharging

Increased productivity

Short payback time

Maintenance cost is minimal

Easy movement of heavy goods or bags

Guaranteed return on investment (ROI)


Planiform supplies and installs monorail systems for industrial laundries or for any other type of industrial application that requires moving heavy bags or any given product overhead.


  • Low maintenance
  • High quality components
  • Trolley wheels maintain an equal and balanced loading on rail
  • Boosters available
  • Lift available

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