Automatic RFID Garment Sorter

$175,000* Fully Installed

*Price in USD. Transport not included. Conditions apply

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Our recent top selling products

Planiform is present in a lot of different indusdries. The following are our recent top selling products.  But don't hesitate to take a peek at all our products!

Garment Conveyors

Long-lasting, secure and reliable garment conveyors avaialble for dry cleaners, hotels, coat check, etc.

A2B RFID Garment Sorter

The A2B RFID Garment Sorter is an automated and sophisticated system used to sort garments on hangers. It is the most affordable and simplest garment sorter in the market.

V-Rail – Garment Monorail Systems

Highly beneficial for large manufacturing and distribution centers with garments on hangers.

Retail Stockroom Conveyors

Planiform can help you store thousands of garments in the air of your retail store’s stockroom by using garment conveyors. These up and down conveyors will allow you to keep storage space on the floor to store shoes or other products. We are aware that every square footage is essential and that storing space is […]

Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyors

Perfect for industrial or decorative purposes our Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyor will be engineered to fit your companies needs.

Decorative Overhead Conveyors

Our decorative conveyors have been installed in many retail locations to effectively display the store’s merchandise. The conveyor can be of almost any shape with the use of multiple curves.

Our Worldwide Customers

Our mission

Providing the right customized solution for our clients worldwide is what we specialize in. This includes fully analyzing and understanding the needs. Our skills and qualifications allow us to work in multiple divisions where our conveyors and products are used in applications needed for uniform rental, apparel and dry cleaning industries as well as for industrial and decorative purposes. Our capabilities are limitless and integrating modern day technology to our customized solutions is simply amazing. We are passionate about our designs, especially when they include high levels of automation. Providing our services since 1967 makes us specialists in our field.

Latest news

Project with Deloitte for Retail Distribution Center

Project with Deloitte for Retail Distribution Center


Planiform is proud to announce a new project with Deloitte for a retail distribution center in Canada. Deloitte is a formidable international consulting firm an… Read More

Industrial Laundry Conveyor System Installation for Canadian Hospital

Industrial Laundry Conveyor System Installation for Canadian Hospital


Planiform is proud to announce another successful installation for one of our prestigious customers. We recently completed the installation and commissioning of… Read More

New Hospital Project for Planiform

New Hospital Project for Planiform


Planiform announces the beginning of a new automated conveyor project helping Quebec hospitals to be their best. This $1.4 M project will be for a highly comple… Read More

RFID Garment Sorter Installed for Alsco

RFID Garment Sorter Installed for Alsco


Planiform is pleased to announce the completion of a new A2B RFID garment Sorter project for Alsco uniform rental. Alsco is one of the largest companies worldwi… Read More


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