Retail Stockroom Conveyors

Planiform can help you store thousands of garments in the air of your retail store’s stockroom by using garment conveyors in your back of house (BOH). These up and down conveyors will allow you to keep storage space on the floor to store shoes or other products.

We are aware that every square foot is essential and that storage space is often restricted. Planiform offers custom solutions to maximize your cubic footage by installing garment conveyors above your shelving units.

Not only will we optimize your storage capacities, our motorized conveyors also accelerate the storage and retrieval time of your garments.

Standard garment conveyors are equipped with a manual left/right switch. An optional Planiform electronic selector can be added and installed on the garment conveyors. With this selector, it becomes very easy to automate the storage and retrieval of your garments. The electronic selector can also be connected to your point of sales (POS) system or to your database.

Our professional engineers will be glad to provide you with the right model and design to adapt perfectly to your needs in the available space. Simply send us a plan or a handmade sketch as well as a few pictures of your stockroom and we will send a preliminary drawing of what we can achieve to increase your storage space.


Multi-plan garment conveyors are perfect for use in nearly all retail stores’ stock rooms (or “back of house”)with unused ceiling space or a need for fast, reliable retrieval. Applicable to uniform rentals, men’s apparel, women’s apparel, children’s apparel, specialty apparel, lingerie, sporting goods, athletic wear, fashion accessories and many other retailers.


  • Maximising your storage capacity in your stockroom by using the ceiling space
  • Extremely reliable
  • Very low maintenance
  • Quick storage and retrieval of garments with the use of motorized conveyors

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