Retail conveyors use available ceiling space to maximize your storage capacity.

If you manage a busy retailer with a high volume of garments, you may find your back of house (BOH) is overcrowded, making it difficult to retrieve items and fulfill orders. Retail conveyors can be used at retailers of all types of apparel and fashion accessories, as well as uniform and formalwear rental outlets. The automated conveyors let you make use of available ceiling space to store thousands of garments at a higher level, reserving valuable floor space for shoes or smaller items. If you want to maximize your space, consider installing a stockroom conveyor at your facility.


GOH: Then vs. Now

Garments on hangers (GOH) is undergoing a revolution. Explore the benefits of replacing manual warehouse processes with automated solutions.
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Planiform stockroom conveyors let you make the most of your back of house space.

By installing a stockroom conveyor in your back of house (BOH), you’ll be able to store thousands of garments at a higher level and free up valuable floor space. The system is automated and can be adapted for all types of retailers. Multi-plan conveyors are motorized, which makes it easier than ever to retrieve garments from anywhere in your stockroom. An electronic selector can be added to Planiform conveyors, giving you more control over the retrieval process. The electronic selector can be added to your POS system or database, allowing for a better overview of your inventory and sales analytics. Upgrade your workflow and make better use of your space with a Planiform stockroom conveyor.

Planiform stockroom conveyors offer a wide range of benefits for retailers.


Extremely reliable

Very low maintenance

Quick storage and retrieval of garments with motorized conveyors

Planiform stockroom conveyors can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

At Planiform, we know that managing high volumes of garments can often lead to an overcrowded stockroom in the back of house (BOH). That’s why we developed a reliable stockroom conveyor to help our clients maximize their storage space and improve the overall workflow at their facilities. Multi-plan, up & down conveyors make it easy to make use of available ceiling space in stockrooms with minimal floor space. Larger items can hang above the floor level and can be accessed quickly with the motorized conveyor. For an effective solution to stockroom spacing issues, the Planiform conveyor system is an obvious choice for all types of apparel retailers.

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