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V-rail systems are used to store and transport garments on hangers. It is an inexpensive non-motorized system. Garments are stored on trolleys that roll on V-rail lines that can be suspended from the ceiling or from a structure. Trolleys can be linked together to create trains that make it possible to easily move higher volumes of garments at a time. For an optimized use of space, the V-rail system can be installed at ceiling level using a motorized booster conveyor that will convey your trolley trains from floor to floor. Moreover, if your building is high enough, your V-rail system can be made of several storage levels.

If you have a need for a Power & Free option, Planiform’s Brush Conveyor is an add-on that uses gentle brushes to push the trolleys along in order to move vast amounts of product without having the employee waste inordinate amounts of time moving things from place to place.

Automated logic can be implemented, or we can set up a simple system that will push your trolleys through to a destination when you push your trolley train in.

This system is elegant, simple, and requires almost zero maintenance, meaning that your ROI is almost guaranteed thanks to the reduction in labour.

Planiform will provide a turn-key project. Initially, we will have a professional engineer listen to your ideas. Then the design will be presented to you for approval. Once approved, fabrication, installation and commissioning will follow. This will result in a fully integrated and ready to use system…not to mention a fully satisfied customer.


Increased storage capacity for a given space

Overhead configuration allows to free up valuable floor space

Inexpenve storage system providing a quick return on investment (ROI)

Minimum personnel effort required to move trolley trains

No need for aisles between storage lines, providing more storage capacity

Time saving



A V-rail system by Planiform Conveyors can guarantee an effective way of storing garments on hangers in large quantities. Garment manufacturers, garment distributors, distribution centers, retailers, industrial Laundries, etc will benefit from this product which will optimize their space and increase their inventory storage capacity.

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