B2K Uniform System

B2K Uniform System is the garment dispenser and uniform tracking system to automatically store, distribute and convey garments as work uniforms, scrubs, white coats and overalls.

B2K Uniform System is able to identify every single garment with individual codes, barcodes or microchips and its software can manage each single garment, both as customized garments and by size. In the first case, each user is assigned a specific model in specific size and color. In the second case, each user is assigned a certain quantity of garments. The system can also work both with customized and by size garments.

Users should be registered and identified by a badge or by an electronical key, so that he/she can retrieve just a certain number of garments.

The time of delivery of uniforms is from 15 to 20 seconds, depending on the size of the system.
The drop-off bins allow the automatic managing of soiled garments, without requiring the users identification. The system identifies the garment dropped into it and keeps track of it, so that the user can retrieve a clean uniform just if he/she has dropped off a soiled one (previously delivered by the system).
The system is easily loaded by the cloakroom operator, by means of a screw conveyor connected to the automatic loading device.

On installations for more than 700-800 users, a buffer conveyor can be included, to store the garments and feed the distribution conveyor. The latter is connected to the clean garment distribution gate, in order to supply the garments to the user who comes to collect them.

B2K Uniform System is modular and it can be increased anytime, according to the customer requirements in the course of time. It means that it can consist of one or several automatic clean garment distribution gate(s), one or several automatic soiled garment drop-off bin(s), one or several storage and distribution conveyor(s) and software.


Unlike the manual ways of managing uniforms and the like, B2K uniform system allows to: optimize the use of space and to eliminate mistakes and losses of garments;

Cut the service costs (having a more efficient use of the staff, facing the rapid changes due to fixed-term contracts and temporary work);

Observe the health rules (controlling how often uniforms are changed);

Extend the cloakroom service to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;

Plan the restocking according to the missing garments;

Track every access (in and out);

Speed the delivery with multiple gates.


Garment conveyors are used in hospitals, industries, large hotels and other establishments

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