cubic space

Robots use elevators to access rows of garments stored on multiple levels. The GOH Hive™ makes the most of your cubic space ‐ floor to ceiling!

Solve labour

This advanced system can work with as little as one operator! So, you can say goodbye to labour shortage headaches!


An unlimited number of items can be processed per hour, depending on the configuration and how many robots your system has.


GOH. Then vs. Now

When managing a busy warehouse, you’ll want to stay competitive in the market and streamline your operations while keeping costs to a minimum. Planiform Garment Conveyor Systems can help you optimize your operations, increaseproductivity and offer a better service. By leveraging the latest technologies in the industry.
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About the GOH-HIVE and Planiform

The GOH Hive is a new, revolutionary automated system for storage and retrieval of garments on hangers (GOH). Powered by smart robots, the GOH Hive can be customized to fit the parameters of your business and seamlessly integrate with your operations. You’ll make better use of your space and provide a faster, more efficient service to your customers.

Planiform manufactures and distributes innovative GOH handling systems around the world. We understand your business and we develop solutions to boost your productivity and optimize your workflow.

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How it works

Receiving and Hanging

Operators scan each item, and GOH Hive™ robots indicate which slot to store it in. The robots take every detail into consideration – including a garment’s thickness.

GOH Hive Elevators for Robots

The robots use elevators to access different levels where garments are stored in rows. The software plans the route for each robot to avoid traffic jams and ensure a smooth workflow. GOH Hive™ robots can work autonomously overnight for next-day order preparation.


Items are ready for shipment in no time at all. You can increase the number of items processed each hour by simply adding more robots to your system.

The GOH Hive best features

Designed to improve your operations, the GOH Hive offers numerous benefits for your business. 

Fully automated

Robots handle garments with precision, speed and efficiency.


The system is custom designed to fit your space and you can add levels and/or robots for increased production.


The GOH Hive makes the most of your cubic space; you can adjust the format as needed.

Easy maintenance

The GOH Hive requires very little maintenance as it is built on simple static supports, compared to a complex motorized rail system.


The only AS/RS capable of storing and retrieving unique SKUs of garments on hangers (GOH), which allows for more accuracy and precision of inventory management.


The GOH Hive works with any hanger! It can easily function with the hangers you already use, no need to switch.

GOH Hive Whitepaper

Download the whitepaper: Discover the first single pick ASRS for garments on hangers!

GOH Hive Sales Team

Our qualified sales team is ready to answer your questions. Together, we’ll find the right solution for your business.

Charlotte Girod

Charlotte Girod

Mechanical engineer
Sales Director since 2017
at Planiform since 2016

Timothy Crowe

Timothy Crowe

Junior mechanical engineer
Sales and Mechanic Design
Representative since 2017

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