Planiform Garment Racking Systems help you maximize your storage capacity.

When managing large volumes of garments with minimal space, you need a solution that lets you organize and store products efficiently, while also providing easy access to items when needed. From manufacturing plants and distribution centers to third-party logistics businesses, warehouses, dry cleaners and more; garment racking systems have been used for decades to maximize storage space and arrange stock carefully for an improved workflow. Planiform Garment Racking Systems let you store garments on multiple levels so you can use your space efficiently and streamline operations.


GOH: Then vs. Now

Garments on hangers (GOH) is undergoing a revolution. Explore the benefits of replacing manual warehouse processes with automated solutions.
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Planiform garment racking systems offer a robust solution for your storage needs.

Planiform Garment Racking Systems can be customized to suit the needs of your business, your location and your current operations. Mezzanines and catwalks provide easy access for multi-level systems. Garments stored on trolleys can be moved from one level to another using conveyors and boosters. Planiform garment rolling racks are industrial grade and easy to maintain. We understand your garment storage needs and we’re committed to offering viable solutions that will optimize your productivity and improve your operations.


Standard parts and hardware for easy maintenance

System can be used with or without trolleys

Multi-level or single-level systems available durable

Garment Racking Systems offer a wide range of benefits for your business.


Easy to install

Extremely durable

Zero maintenance costs

Short payback time

Economical storage system

Guaranteed return on investment (ROI)

Optimizes storage space

Compatible with multi-level mezzanines

Planiform Racking Systems can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Planiform Garment Racking Systems help maximize your storage space and simplify your management and retrieval of garments. Whether you choose a static or open rail solution, with a single- or multi-level design, our garment racking systems will significantly improve the productivity of your business. Your team will be able to access items easily, while you’ll enjoy a better overview of your entire stock. Garment racking systems store items vertically for optimal use of space and Planiform conveyors make it easier than ever to move garments from one level to another. Racking systems have been used for decades, but our customized solutions are specially designed for your business.

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