E-comm, Warehouses & Distributions Centers

E-comm, Warehouses & Distributions Centers

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Planiform is specialized in the conception, fabrication and installation of storage and material handling systems in a variety of sizes and for diverse applications, which can be automated or not. No matter what your logistics or supply chain needs, whatever type of products you have to handle, Planiform’s team will meet all of your expectations and requirements.

Distribution centers of garments and other products will find what they are looking for in our systems. For the handling of boxes or parcels, ask for our material handling conveyors. For handling garments on hanger, we have multiple solutions available, from simple storage to automated storage and retrieval and sortation. All of these can be coupled with a mezzanine designed to your specifications to maximize your available floor space. Our automation engineers will be glad to automate your system if need be.

Whether you are in the fashion, retail, e-commerce, thrift, second hand or reselling industry, Planiform has the right solution for you!

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