About Us

A little more about our company

Planiform was established more than 40 years ago and has always provided service to companies seeking practical solutions to improve material handling. In the beginning, Planiform was mainly involved in the garment industry, offering garment storage and distribution systems. Over the years, Planiform has expanded its capacities and expertise in order to develop new conveyor and monorail systems as well as many other types of material handling systems. Today, Planiform meets the needs of a wide range of industries.

Our Mission

Providing the right customized solution for our clients worldwide is what we specialize in. This includes fully analyzing and understanding the needs. Our skills and qualifications allow us to work in multiple divisions where our conveyors and products are used in applications needed for uniform rental, apparel and dry cleaning industries as well as for industrial and decorative purposes. Our capabilities are limitless and integrating modern day technology to our customized solutions is simply amazing. We are passionate about our designs, especially when they include high levels of automation. Providing our services since 1967 makes us specialists in our field.