Free-standing Structures and Mezzanines

Warehouse mezzanines help maximize your storage space and stockroom capacity.

If you need to manage high volumes of garments for your business, your warehouse may become overloaded and your productivity may suffer as a result. You might consider moving to a larger location or adding an extension to your existing location in order to accommodate your storage and garment handling needs. Planiform Warehouse Mezzanine Systems will help you instantly increase your available floor space by making efficient use of the space you already have above.

A pre-engineered mezzanine helps you make better use of the storage space you have.

Planiform Mezzanines are customized to suit your location and comply with your spacing requirements, so you can take full advantage of the space you already have. By integrating a mezzanine system at your facility, you will instantly benefit from additional floor space. High volumes of garments can be stored and sorted on multiple levels. Mezzanine systems are perfect for warehouses, distribution centers, offices, retail stores and more. By making use of the space above your ground floor level, you’ll increase your storage capacity and boost productivity.



Multiple levels possible

Safety handrails included

Comply with safety regulations

Custom design available

Our warehouse mezzanines offer a wide range of benefits for your business.


Increased floor space

High-strength assembly

Minimal installation time

Planiform mezzanine systems can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Our warehouse mezzanines are made from high-strength structural steel, which means fewer floor support columns are required for installation. There is zero on-site welding required during installation and we customize the mezzanine to comply with municipal and seismic by-laws in your region. Planiform mezzanines are designed to meet the specific needs of your business. Our engineers develop a customized solution for your floor space, height and load requirements; and the design can be adjusted around any obstacles that may exist in your location. Warehouse mezzanines are a convenient way to increase storage capacity without the expense of a move or major renovations.

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