Garment Conveyors

Multiple models and configurations adapted to meet your requirements

Planiform’s Garment Conveyors are mainly used to store high volumes of garments in the smallest space possible.

For several decades, Planiform has built and sold thousands of garment conveyors that have been shipped everywhere on the planet. Each and every conveyor has been built with the same precise attention to detail and has yielded the solid reputation that Planiform knows today.

Whether it’s for a dry cleaner, a hotel, a casino, a prison or an ordinary coat check, it’s safe to say that your own clothing has probably been stored on one of Planiform’s conveyors.

Several models and configurations are offered such as the straight model, double deck, multi-plan (up&down), basket conveyor, etc. Whether it is a ceiling suspended or floor mounted conveyor, our professional engineers will gladly provide the right model and design so that your conveyor perfectly meets your needs in your available space.

Standard garment conveyors come with a left and right manual switch. However, Planiform’s optional electronic controller can be added and mounted onto our garment conveyors. It is very easy to use and automates the storage and retrieval of your garments. The electronic controller can also be connected to your point of sale system (POS) or database.


Our garment conveyors give you more:

Fast storage and retrieval of garments

Increased storage capacity for a given space

Overhead configuration allows to free up valuable floor space

Extremely reliable

Very low maintenance

Extremely long life span 35yrs +


Garment conveyors are used in dry cleaners, hotels, hospitals, casinos, prisons, museums, and coat check areas. They are also used in retail store stockrooms and warehouses for storage in high volumes.

Garment Conveyors

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Our different models

Planiform carries six main types of garment conveyors but because we offer custom designs and configurations, the possibilities are truly endless. Choose from one of the different models below, or speak to one of our representatives to find the solution tailored to your unique needs.