Garment Conveyors

Multiple models and configurations adapted to meet your requirements

Planiform’s Garment Conveyors are mainly used to store high volumes of garments in the smallest space possible.

For several decades, Planiform has built and sold thousands of garment conveyors that have been shipped everywhere on the planet. Each and every conveyor has been built with the same precise attention to detail and has yielded the solid reputation that Planiform knows today.

Whether it’s for a dry cleaner, a hotel, a casino, a prison or an ordinary coat check, it’s safe to say that your own clothing has probably been stored on one of Planiform’s conveyors.

Several models and configurations are offered such as the straight model, double deck, multi-plan (up&down), basket conveyor, etc. Whether it is a ceiling suspended or floor mounted conveyor, our professional engineers will gladly provide the right model and design so that your conveyor perfectly meets your needs in your available space.

Standard garment conveyors come with a left and right manual switch. However, Planiform’s optional electronic controller can be added and mounted onto our garment conveyors. It is very easy to use and automates the storage and retrieval of your garments. The electronic controller can also be connected to your point of sale system (POS) or database.


Our garment conveyors give you more:

Fast storage and retrieval of garments

Increased storage capacity for a given space

Overhead configuration allows to free up valuable floor space

Extremely reliable

Very low maintenance

Extremely long life span 35yrs +


Garment conveyors are used in dry cleaners, hotels, hospitals, casinos, prisons, museums, and coat check areas. They are also used in retail store stockrooms and warehouses for storage in high volumes.

Garment Conveyors

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Our different models

Planiform carries six main types of garment conveyors but because we offer custom designs and configurations, the possibilities are truly endless. Choose from one of the different models below, or speak to one of our representatives to find the solution tailored to your unique needs.

Garment Conveyors

1Direct driver power transmission

Our garment conveyors are equipped with a direct driver power transmission. What that means to you is a more efficient motor, less noise, a longer life span and a more precise and secure garment delivery system.

2AC variable speed inverter

All of Planiform's conveyors are equipped with an AC variable speed inverter so you can control how fast the conveyor starts and stops. Softening these movements greatly prolongs the life span of the conveyor by reducing the stress placed on the working components.

3Nylon yokes reinforced with fiberglass

Unlike the other guys, we reinforce our nylon yokes with fiberglass so that they’re more resistant to damage and wear. The end result is an incredibly strong yoke with increased durability, which means there’s less chance of a workflow interruption for you.

4Exclusive! Security guards

Safety matters here at Planiform. That’s why we’ve developed a security guard that surrounds the conveyor and adds an extra layer of protection from the moving chain. The security guard offers an easy solution to anyone looking to maximize the safety of their garment conveyor system.

5Small end section

We’ve reduced the length and weight of the standard conveyor end section in order to produce a final product that is both lighter to ship and easier to install. Having shorter end sections also results in greater versatility and customization.

6Chain tensioner

Over time, chains can become loose. In the past, tightening a loose conveyor chain required a complicated and difficult to perform augmentation. But with Planiform’s integrated conveyor chain tensioner, augmenting the chain is a simple procedure that takes no time at all to complete.

7Longer span between the footings

We found a way to reduce the overall cost of our conveyor frames by creating a longer span between the individual footings. This ingenious concept also helped us to reduce transportation and shipping costs, and it even makes our garment conveyors easier to install.

8Overall improved conception

We’re always trying to think of ways to make life easier for our customers. That’s why we’ve come up with a modular design that makes it easy to assemble our garment conveyors. And improved conception means that lateral bracing is often unnecessary.

9Hardened steel chain

1. Hardened steel chain: The chains links are made of hardened steel giving it a considerable longer life span.
2. Easy disassembly: Each section is easily disassembled for eventuel maintenance or replacement.
3. Rods diameters: The rods are ½ inch in diameter (12.7mm) thus giving it greater sturdiness and their covers are made of nylon cylindrical bushings.
4. Welding: The chain links are welded together.

Bi-directional manual switch

Turn left for off, or turn right for off? The difference may seem insignificant, but it can have huge implications for the safety of your workers. With Planiform’s manual left & right switch, you can protect the safety of all of your employees whether they are right-handed or left-handed.

Electric Controller

The electronic controller for the NPF series garment conveyors is very easy to use and automates the storage and retrieval of your garments. The conveyor will bring the desired chain section in front of the operator using the shortest way when typing on the touch-screen the chain section number, the order number or the customer's telephone number.

As an option, the electronic controller can also be connected to your point of sale system (POS)

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