Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyors

Overhead enclosed track conveyors is used to transport products along a designated path. When used in industrial applications, this robust and durable conveyor will transport your products through any processes or workstations or will simply convey them from point A to B.  It can withstand harsh environments due to its hardened steel chain. When used for decorative purposes the products/goods will simply travel within an enclosed custom path in a retail stores, restaurant, bars, grocery stores, exhibitions,etc.

Don’t underestimate the possible shapes this conveyor can have. Our 3D modeling softwares will help our engineers design your conveyor no matter the complexity of the path. Custom paths are made possible by using our standard components as well as our wide variety of vertical and horizontal curves.

Planiform can provide a turn-key project.  Initially, we will have a professional engineer listen to your idea. Then the design will be presented to you for approval. Once approved, the fabrication, installation and commissioning will follow. This will result in a fully integrated and ready to use system…not to mention a fully satisfied customer.

Please refer to our photo gallery to witness previous installations for these multiple applications.


Floor or ceiling suspended

Many shapes and paths are possible

Variety of curves for custom projects

Long lasting

Extra strength

Custom hooks available, allowing to convey any product


The overhead enclosed track conveyor is used in two main areas, decorative and industrial.

Industrial applications:

  • Production lines
  • Assembly lines
  • Automated sorting systems
  • Paint shop lines
  • Automated dynamic storage, etc

Decorative applications:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Museums
  • Retail stores
  • Exhibitions
  • Grocery stores, etc

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Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyors

ADrive unit must be installed at the highest point of the conveyor circuit.

BThe take-up unit is used to adjust the tension of the chain. It is not required for all circuits.

CLoading and unloading points.

DVarious vats in which the parts are dipped one by one.

EPaint room.

FPaint baking oven.


The chain is extremely flexible with its 4 junction blocs per foot (12 junction blocs per meter) in order to minimize friction in the tubes. With its 8 rollers per foot (25 rollers per meter) the chain can support loads without wearing out prematurely. The rollers are mounted on ball bearings. All of the components (except for rivets) are hardened in order to withstand strong tensions and wear. They are zinc plated in order to withstand corrosion and other forms of external contamination.

Finishing tunnel conveyor

Thanks to this specific type of chain, Planiform's tube conveyor can be used for guiding garments on hanger (GOH) through laundry finishing tunnels. With these small up-oriented pendants, the chain pushes GOHs along the tube. All of the components (except for rivets) are hardened in order to withstand strong tensions and wear. They are zinc plated in order to withstand corrosion and other forms of external contamination.This chain is compatible with most of the conveyors already existing on the market. It will easily replace your obsolete chain.

Drive Unit

Linear drive units can be installed on straight section of the conveyor. It comes with a motor offering variable speeds. The motor’s speed can be as slow as 3’/min (0,91 m/min.). The drive unit’s compact design allows it to be installed in limited spaces. Please note that, unlike regular drive units, linear drive units require that a take-up unit should be installed on the conveyor.

Take up unit

Thanks to the springs, this take-up unit automatically stretches the chain. Usually it is installed as close as possible to the drive unit’s outlet. It is a forefront of progress. Thanks to its two anti-kickback racks; the accumulated extension distance will never decrease, thus allowing the conveyor to run in both directions. Please note that the take-up unit’s width is adjusted to your needs before shipping.

Enclosed track

The slotted iron tubes have a length of 10'-0” (3.05 m), an exterior diameter of 1.315” (33.4 mm) and a weight of 1.4 lb/foot (2.1 kg/meter). They are zinc plated in order to resist corrosion effectively. The slot which has a width of 0.25” (6.35 mm) will only let the pendants of the chain pass through. The remaining parts of the chain are contained in the tube in order to protect it from environments that are dusty, humid or that contain other forms of contaminants. Weight: 1.4 lb/foot (2.1 kg/meter).

Enclosed track curve

Planiform makes available a wide variety of horizontal and vertical curves to allow you to create the precise trajectory that you need. All curves are hardened and zinc plated in order to withstand friction and corrosion.

Dust shield

Dust-shields can be installed all around the perimeter of the conveyor to capture any dust particles or small quantities of oil that could emanate from the operation of the conveyor. Made of plastic, they are simply inserted on each rectangular section of chain and hold in place simply by pressure.

Track fasteners

Track flanges are used to link up straight tubes as well as curves. Track flanges are linked up using 5/16”X1” (7.94mm x 25.4mm) hexagonal head bolts and hexagonal nylon lock nuts. Usually, all straight tubes and curves are shipped with a track flange welded to each end of the tube. This limits the need for welding when installing the tubes. Track flanges can also be sold separately.

Support flanges are used to support the conveyor by tying in the conveyor’s slotted tube with the vertical support tube. The diameter of the vertical support tubes must be 1-1/16” (26.99mm). The support flanges should not be too tightened because they could flatten the slotted tube. That is why nylon lock nuts are enclosed when shipping support flanges.

Lubrification systems and load bars

This oil dispenser contains a tank with a capacity of 0.125 gal (0.473 L). Thanks to its nylon-made brush, it applies oil on the chain appopriately. In order to do so, you only have to open the valve. Please note that the oil grade that should be used depends on room temperature and other environmental factors. Please contact our engineers for further information.

Load bars allow to double or quadruple the weight of items to be conveyed. A load bar tying in with two “S” hooks doubles the capacity. With two levels of load bars, the capacity is quadrupled, as shown on the picture below. Please note that 2-1/2” (63.5mm) “S” hooks are supplied with load bars

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